Course / ARC101 How to Design Almost Anything
Year / Winter 2013
Instructor / Matthew Allen
Deployment Location / Beijing, China
Project Description / prosolve370e is a decorative architectural module that can effectively reduce air pollution in cities when installed near traffic ways or on building facades.

Tri-stage Poster Designs

Project Calendar, Deployment Map, and Information Architecture Map

Deployment Locations
Exhibition catalogue and invitation design for Emerging Young Artists 2015 Exhibition - A Tale of Two Cities. This catalogue features twenty-three emerging artists from across the globe and words from Sara Diamond, President of OCAD University, and Jill Birch, CEO of the Canadian Art Foundation.

20 by 24 centimeters, 106 pages, perfect binding
Printed in China on 200gsm art paper
UV coated cover text

Promotional poster developed for the Emerging Young Artists 2015 exhibition - A Tale of Two Cities.

42 by 57 centimeters
Printed in China

The 2015 edition of the Emerging Young Artists Group Exhibition presents works under the theme “A Tale of Two Cities.” Young artists with international orientation were asked to interpret the theme with a focus on the city engraved in their memory. In our times intensely expanding on the context of globalization, cities physically connected by roads and vehicles, where goods move across in speed, seem to portray our webbed world. But people are the real linking thread and young artists with their natural liking to mobility, tend to materialize this thread in their works.

Arts Café is a social event showcasing artwork from past and current students at Bayview Secondary. This event also consists of live music, food, free refreshments as well as other fun-filled activities including instant vintage photo-taking, caricatures, henna and many more.

Since the 11th Annual Arts Café held in 2011, this event has evolved from an simple art exhibition with student artists presenting their work unilaterally, to a dynamic social event that not only celebrates the school's art culture, but also fosters the process of discussion and exchange of ideas. After designing the visual identity system for the 11th Annual Arts Café in 2011 with a rather conservative and placid approach, this self-initiated project aims to evolve the previous design and to explore an alternative design strategy that carries the sensational quality of dynamism and vibrancy.

An existing spatial installation art work exhibited during Arts Café in 2011 is appropriated, then digitally manipulated to create the main graphic element. A total of four versions were produced.

Selected images, shot using an iPhone 5.